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The Entrepreneur Club is the first platform for black + ethnic women entrepreneurs in B2B/B2C Fashion! The club has been established as a solution to the fashion industries growing problems; where imposter syndrome, exclusion and inaccessible resources mean black + ethnic women face significant differences in their entrepreneurial journeys.


We provide key business tools and resources that propel our community and help them to:


• Enhance their business practises & develop a fashion brand with confidence

• Have a community and long-term authentic supportive network to share and overcome business challenges

• Break barriers to create success stories, so others can do it too! 

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Video and all assets made and owned by Naomi Rowaiye (2020)
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All assets made and owned by Naomi Rowaiye (2020)
Prototyping - 
Using the user research data collected during the research and development stage of T.E.C, I've began to make an app prototype as an extension of the platform. I felt this initiative would be a good way to explore how I could transfer my graphic design skills into other areas outside of fashion. The app concept features a number of personalised business tools matching the intended users requirements e.g. access to funding, B2B payments and search, view and management functions. The app concept is still in its initial stages, as I would like to conduct more research i.e. are certain financial features feasible for mobile apps used in fashion.  
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