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Brief: To create a visual merchandising concept exploring Selfridges 2018 retail strategy ‘Radical Luxury’. ​ Josh Fano, a British eye-wear brand by Aditya Kasana, is inspired by the timeless architectural movements of the 1960’s and the visionaries that shaped them.


The IMMERSE X Josh Fano collaboration brings elements of Fano's inspiration, to an immersive and service-led in-store experience for eye-wear. In-store physical contact (hear , touch, see, taste, smell) with products, exposes the intended user to an event, leaving an impression and/or emotional connection to the Josh Fano brand - one that is one of a kind, timeless and in turn a personal luxury.

Creative Team:

Creative Assistant: - George Olgethorpe

Market Researcher: - Grace Luwero

Consumer Researcher: - Alex Penn

Research analysts: - Charlotte Penny-Slinn and Maya Powell



Research and Development:

My team and I conducted cross-sector and consumer research, creating trend maps and threads of the global macro-environment. We drew on key trends from the automotive and wellness industries, where the innovation of service-led experiences is rising (2018). With these industries in mind, visible growth in ageing levels among the European population highlighted an increase in demand across the eye-wear market (2018).

But how could services for this demand be attained?

We synthesised our research findings into concept boards, with the chosen consumer group, ‘The Fabs’. - a 50-63 year old demographic valuing broad-mindedness, freedom, time and a comfortable life, leading them to buy trend led luxury items and emphasising them as a key target audience for Selfridges retail strategy ‘Radical Luxury’.

Drafted concept:

IMMERSE X Josh Fano brings an immersive service-led experience for eye-wear. Practical contact (hear , touch, see, taste, smell), exposes the intended user to an event, leaving an impression and/or emotional connection, one that is one of a kind, timeless and in turn a luxury.



I created visual storyboards to frame the concept and included moodboards and diagrams to represent the visualised presence of the physical IMMERSE X Josh Fano pop-up store. Using Cinema 4D and After Effects, I create instore prototypes based on the storyboards and diagrams. From this the IMMERSE X Josh Fano pop-up, in collaboration with Selfridges 2018 retail strategy ‘Radical Luxury’, was established.

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