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Social Media
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Marketing strategy

Blaized, an urban culture platform turned consultancy business, wanted to create entertaining, knowledgeable, and authentic content that captivated their audience and provided the platform to support emerging UK urban talent.

To launch The Ends Festival X Blaized campaign I developed branded artwork, which was pitched to The Ends Festival Team as part of a BLAIZED media collaboration. As well as designing bold graphic content, I followed BLAIZED brand guidelines, for the promotion of new article releases, Spotify playlists on social channels and reworked existing content.


I also developed striking artwork for on site article thumbnails and marketing templates for BLAIZED job adverts - this was to diversify the in-house team and to widen the BLAIZED audience.

Blaized x The Ends Festival media collaboration
Social Media Intern job post
Tech/Games Writer job post
Travel Writer job post
 Social media assets made by Naomi Rowaiye (2019)

Blaized X The Ends Festival 2019

IGTV promotion video created for the BLAIZED X The Ends Festival media collaboration (SOUND ON).

Video and assets made by Naomi Rowaiye (2020)
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