Flip the Script Campaign
Campaign Management
Social media management
PR & Marketing
Pitched at
The Fashion Futures Shift Conference 2019
(winning 3rd place)

I undertook the cause-led issue, colourism and created a profitable PR and Marketing solution. Through the management of the #FliptheScript campaign, I challenged my audiences preconceived ideas around the issue. I illustrated this by building up the campaigns rapport and devising marketing strategies this included, university tours around the UK, a comedic short film with a middle class family who challenge societies values/morals and utilising influencer marketing to further the campaigns reach in partnership with Channel 4 and ITV News.


I measured the metrics of my strategy , which delivered an effective result with high engagement.



Social Media content, storyboard for comedic short film, branded content

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 Social media assets made and owned by Naomi Rowaiye (2019)
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