Apparel Graphic Designer
Trend Forecasting
Market Research
Product development

Brief: Create seasonal Men's and Women's active-wear concepts (Autumn/Winter) to elevate 

Danqfit as an all-round sports and lifestyle brand - from initial concept to completion.


- Client contract

- Brand Guide

- 1 Women's active-wear range (Capsule collection: 3 products - Power Leggings X3,  

Zip Top X3,  Sports Bra X3)

- 1 Men's active-wear range (Capsule collection: 5 products - Basic tee X3, Casual Shorts X3, Joggers X3,      Baselayer X3, Hoodie X1)

Research & Development –
I conducted market research looking at Danqfits wider competitors i.e. Nike and Gymshark whilst also looking at smaller independent brands such as Lapp the brand. Competitor analysis and  comparison of products the client had already developed, helped to identify Danqfits strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, as well highlighting how the products could be developed to produce better customer satisfaction. 
“The process of Naomi’s design service was excellent. I liked that there was attention to detail and that it was very easy to explain what we wanted done through her visual communication. I would be more than happy to recommend her to others.”
Aaron Danquah, CEO of Danqfit
Multiple meetings were held with the client to identify the needs and wants of their customer, which were then implemented into the initial design process. 
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Brand Guide - 
In order to see the product cycle and where ideas for each product had been drawn from, I included the market research and competitor analysis conducted previously. I also included concept pages for both Men and Women based on the clients brief, where they also detailed key words, phrases and colours that would represent the range such as grey, black, training wear and experiential. This enabled me to visually communicate product concepts for the final range as well as a colour palette (core & accent colours) and a print/texture direction for multiple products. 
Final Range –
I held further meetings with the client to discuss any revisions on the designs and brand guide process - using my knowledge in fashion, business and apparel design, I accommodated both the clients business wants and needs whilst prioritising and meeting deadlines. Finally, I conceptualised the final range as CAD flats, which then enabled me to visually communicate designs with patterns, textures and detailing that could be sent off to manufactures and complete the production process [This particular manufacturer could design clothing without the use of tech packs]. 
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